John HowiesonJohn Howieson:

  • Born in Montreal Canada in 1954
  • After high-school went on to Agricultural College (1975) covering many topics including Crops & Soil Science, Cattle, Swine, & Poultry Husbandry (lots of Nutrition), and even Bee husbandry
  • Ran a family dairy farm operation from 1976 until 2000
  • Got involved in an MLM in 1994. *
  • Sold Accident and Sickness Insurance 2000-2005 *
  • Driving (Truckin’) 2006 ….!

The (*) areas which included MLM and Accident & Sickness Insurance had the most impact on my life and where I’m headed. While on the road knocking on doors selling insurance, I met a lot of people and heard many problems. The most typical were health and finances. And so I felt I had it made! My problem was neither ever went together. Those with the greatest health challenges were on fixed pensions and hadn’t the money to buy supplements. And at the time, the insurance industry here ruled that you couldn’t do anything else (what, sell other products?) and hence after some time I settled for …

  • Driving a truck, and
  • Health Sharing

So welcome to my Blog where I look forward to Sharing bits of knowledge, mainly in the areas of Digestion and Back Pain.