Aging Gracefully, Turning 60

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Aging Gracefully

Turning 60

(Today’s the Day!)

 “Looking 50 is great … If you’re 60” – Joan Rivers

For almost the past decade, I’ve been thinking how tough it’ll be when the time comes that I hit 60.  But in recent months, a feeling of satisfaction and contentment has prevailed.  Don’t get me wrong, as I feel so full of vigor and have so much to do, and many places to go.

Many people look forward to retirement.  In my case, retirement is not on the cards.  I’ve always visualized retirement as a time of lots of nothing, consisting of sitting, and coffee and donuts, taking it easy. NOT!

But rather a healthy, active lifestyle consisting of moderate exercise, and the right healthy food choices; and sharing.

So as far as age goes, I only feel another day older.  But to me, age has shown me just how many people out there are hurting physically, mentally, or financially, and need only reassurance and guidance that there IS an answer.  And through the myriad of so-called-experts, and how we were educated, somewhere … the answer is Within You!

So Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.  Learn to Be Yourself, and Pass It On!