America’s Disasterous Health Insurance Plan

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America’s Disasterous Health Insurance Plan

(Nickname: Obama (Never!) Care)

Americans are facing some very important and difficult decisions in the next few months. Many of you out there on Twitter are familiar with me as . Many of you have known much of what I stand for in terms of what to eat to stay healthy long term, and so on. But with U.S. Elections coming up very soon, I want to put something else on the burner, and I’m hoping people will take this topic very serious!

At one time in my life I spent several years selling Accident and Health Insurance. Americans have had Insurance programs; varying types of coverage, and varying levels, depending what sort of incomes you have, and what an individual or family can afford.

One of the sadist things I saw during Obama’s tenure as President, was the big rush for people (especially those lower income earners) who ran right out to apply for the NEW COVERAGE, because (they thought!) it was going to cost less (Or was it?).

But much worse than that is that anyone who cancelled their current policies, might have been out of luck, as they may have had “Pre-Existing Conditions,” which their new (call it) Obama coverage would not cover them for.

Let me guess now, that Obama was NOT the under-righter of the country’s new national policies, but for God’s sake (and America’s!) let it be made for the working class people of America. Unemployment Insurance, and Retirement Pensions serve a different purpose, and do NOT belong in this equation.

Fixing the Obama Care:

  1. This should be aimed at the average wage earner. If you’re a higher wage earner, or own your own business, there are many great financial companies that would gladly cover you for extras (ie larger $ Benefits to keep you closer to your higher lifestyle levels)

  1. People who totally misunderstood the Obama Care system, and who mistakenly cancelled their former insurance plans, assuming Obama would have them covered, deserve a second chance. It wasn’t the fault of workers for misunderstanding things. But rather the fact that the Obama government had never dealt with these financial dealings before.

  2. There are many Financial corporations out there, capable of answering your questions. There are SO many people in the Beautiful U.S. Of A (322,762,018 Jan 5, 2016 census), and building a Health Care System as huge as this, will not be done in a day, or even a few months. It’s up to the new government to work out a strategy on this matter.

  1. It’s also up to Democrats & Republicans to tell voters how their party plans on resolving the Obama debacle.

Whoever gets elected to run the country this round, should know by now that there are many other counties with a lot of experience in the medical insurance systems. Look to the great white North, here in Canada. Or Britain, Much of Europe, or even New Zealand & Australia; all wonderful examples of Health Care Coverage!