Antimicrobial Resistance – Cause and Effect

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If you are a meat eater, and buy your meats from any of the large chain stores, chances are pretty good, that you’re eating meat grown on one of many “factory” farm operations. One of the worst aspects of these Factory Farms is that in an effort to get these animals off to market faster, and to give the animals an artificially “finished” look (ie a roll of fat), they keep the animals in a crowded environment, by short changing them of exercise.

Now,  people who get little or no exercise, end up sick, no? Well the same goes with crowded animals. And so as a form of insurance, animals raised in these feed lots are fed micro doses of antibiotics.

This is where the problem begins. People who eat this meat containing just a micro dose of antibiotics, often end up resistant to the very drug that might save their lives, some years later.

My suggestion: Buy from a reputable local farmer, preferably certified organic (or ecological, biodynamic, etc). Or even go a step further and adapt the Vegetarian ways. I personally am not quite there yet, but have come a long way towards it. But just knowing that fruits and vegetables contain a lot of anti-oxidants, I can assure you they are very good for your health.

Now is there anybody out there who still remembers the H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic? The following is a great article which points the finger straight at the “Non-Therapeutic Use of Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture:

Non therapeutic use in antibiotics in animal agriculture


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