An Apple a Day …

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I remember as far back, the old saying  “An Apple a Day, Keeps The Doctor Away !”

A few things worth discussing …

  1. I’m old enough to suggest that I can’t remember when that was 🙂 but let’s say that I was in Kindergarten!
  2. When last did you have your doctor visiting you at your home?

Well Kindergarten was more than 50 years ago.  The exact number, I’ll let you keep guessing.  But o’er those many years, I’ve heard and read many things about food, nutrition, and health.  Fruits and Veggies always deserve a good wrap.  In fact while I’m NOT a vegetarian, I DO suggest about 80% of adult diets be in plant form, and about 80/20 Veggie/Fruit ratio.  Much of this is from personal experience as I know all about Acid Reflux. And the fact is that at that ratio, sugar rate is about right. AND THAT’S NOT INCLUDING CANNED STUFF.

But back to the apple.  I’ve heard that much of the secret of the benefit of apples lies right under the skin.  And that’s not to mention the fact that the skin is mostly “Digestible Fiber,” something very hard to find most times, during our BUSY Schedules.

But for an excellent account of the apple, have a good read here What’s New And Beneficial About Apples

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