Autumn is Just Around the Corner

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With Autumn arriving down the pike in only a few weeks, this means some of us, especially those of us north of the US – Canadian border, and weather meaning less mobility, what better  time is there to dig out your hobbies, or even find another to keep you pleasantly busy for the next few months, until the better weather returns. In fact, I was lucky to have met an expertise Swedish Weaver, who 


subsequently sold me on the pleasures of it. 

Here, I found her Spring Patterns edition which has lots of clear photos, detailed, precise instructions, and a total of 11 patterns, of which 6 are rated easy, 3 intermediate, and 2 are advanced level. 

As you’ll notice, this link goes to Amazon (dot) com which services U.S. clients. Other than that, Christine has had good results in the U.S. for  quick shopping and shipping. Enjoy your weaving, and if you haven’t been by yet, feel free to visit Christine on her Website at Fun and Fast Patterns