Avoiding Back Pain through Sleeping Positions

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Everyone longs for a sound sleep but unfortunately, some people tend to experience back pain when they wake up. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind if you want to avoid having back pains whenever you sleep …

Tip 1:

Though it is true that there are some people who find it comfortable sleeping on their stomach, you tend to compress your lower back throughout the evening and this causes you to limit your head and neck movement to twist and turn on one side to another in an extreme manner and this is unhealthy.

Tip 2:

On the other hand, there are some people who sleep on one side with one of their legs raised up a bit higher than their other leg and this can potentially cause back pain. People who have this sleeping pattern or position usually do this to relax tight muscles. However, breaking this pattern or staying away from this sleeping position will definitely increase the chances of the person having a quality sleep and at the same time balance his or her muscles.

Tip 3:

Sleeping on their back is one of the best and reliable methods to lessen the chances of experiencing back pain when they get up. It is important to keep in mind though that if you are going to sleep on your back, you should refrain from using a pillow, especially bulky ones since they tend to put your head and neck in an uncomfortable posture. Another thing to keep in mind when sleeping in this position is to have both legs straight and to try to keep one knee to slide up and out because this can twist the pelvis and put an unpleasant strain on it.

Tip 4:

Perhaps the best sleeping position is to lie on one side and to keep your knees and legs together so as not to cause too much stress on the other parts of the body. Also putting a pillow in between your legs can greatly complement this position. Keep in mind to have your pillow in the right thickness between your ear and your mattress so that in this way, both sides of the neck are evenly extended.

If you want to get a sound sleep tonight then make sure that you start breaking your bad sleeping habits and to keep this reminders in your mind. Are you getting back pain each time you wake up?

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