Back Issues, Again?

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It seems as though you needn’t go very far before you’ll find someone with chronic back pain. Today I decided to go out and support one of our local eatery establishments, where I met up with a work friend who also drives trucks for a living.


I hadn’t seen him for several months, and he had that “eerie” hunched over look and was in considerable pain. He said he was on light duty, meaning no heavy lifting; mainly clerical type work.


I have been surviving with NO prescription pain medications. As far as I’m concerned, things like Anti-Inflammatory medications, while alright for temporary relief, are implicated in causing many disastrous effects when used long term(1). And it is just my view here, that the massive death from Influenza back in 1918, was caused not from the “Flu” but from an overdose of NSAIDs such as the old ASA!


But the best thing I’ve found for back pain, along with a free, almost 200 page PDF book, is a great variety of rubs, sprays, books and inversion tables.


Go to Your Healthy Food Choices . Fill in your name and email address. You should receive a confirmation email. Click the link there, and start the healing process, starting where it says “No More Back Pain!”



(1) Science Based Medicine