Beautiful Weather Is On Its Way!

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Spring Thaw in Canada!

With Spring Being In The Air, I thought I’d add a little splendor from Eastern Ontario, Canada.  And while “technically” speaking, spring came in on March 20th, the fact is this past winter was considerably colder than usual.  

But finally we reached a high a few days ago of +13º C (55º F), and what you see in the photo above is the river on the left side, normally about 30 feet across on the left side.

But where the big slab of ice sits marks its normal boundary on the right side. And all you see further to the right, is flood water covering a farmer’s field. Well for that to freeze over would take a couple of consecutive miracles!

So as we turn toward summeryou’re really likely to get bombarded by ads for skin products, intended to saturate your head with confusing facts. It’s all designed to remind you of all the cancer you can get, just by peering out of your window on a sunny day, WITHOUT your (trade name!) Sunscreen.

And while it “seems” some companies care more than others, my question to you is Care What? Their bottom line!  And like the adverts you see about sun screen containing, well do you really want to know?

A good article by  Women’s Health Magazine   discusses things like Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Estrogen, Hormone Disruption, Paraben, Homosalate … what they are and how they contribute, including stuff which produces oxygen radicals (what cancer?).

Well if I had to decide on this, I’d go back to the grocery store and get myself a big jug of unadulterated Coconut Oil, and use it to replace most man-made junk style cooking oils; and work it from the inside out.

Am I crazy? Well I was an active farmer and worked in the sun in short sleeved shirts, and long jeans; wore a small cap over my bald head (should’ve had a big straw one eh?), and NEVER touched sunscreen!


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