The Bitter Truth About Sugar

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Dr Mercola has published another great article, this time about Sugar and its Direct Health Effects The Bitter and Ugly Truth About Sugar .  But just before we go there, I’d like to leave you with some basics about sugar. Things I studied away back in the 70’s when I studied Agricultural Sciences, especially the Nutritional side of things. Most of what I have  posted right here,  comes from either or

Sugar and Economics:

The first facts worth mentioning are that according to Wikipedia(1)  About 175 million metric tons of sucrose sugar were produced worldwide in 2013. In 2010, Brazil, India, European Union, China, Thailand, and United States were the major sugar-producing countries in the world.[24] Brazil produced about 40 million tonnes of table sugar in 2013, while India produced 25 million, EU-27 countries 16 million, China 14 million, Thailand about 10 million, and United States over 7 million. And so it’s a huge business worldwide.

Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay (dental caries) has become a prominent health hazard associated with the consumption of sugars, especially sucrose. Oral bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans live in dental plaque and metabolize any sugars (not just sucrose, but also glucose, lactose, fructose, and cooked starches[41]) into lactic acid. The resultant lactic acid lowers the pH of the tooth’s surface, stripping it of minerals in the process known as tooth decay.[42][43]

And finally, The Bitter and Ugly Truth About Sugar by Doctor Mercola, discusses the effects of sugar in your diet, and compares it with types of fat, and which are better for your health. And how sugar is a primary factor in countless other chronic disease states.”

The Bitter and Ugly Truth About Sugar