Bone Broth’s Healing Properties

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I was trying to think of a useful article to right about over the last few days. Then suddenly on Facebook I saw a great article by Rodale News Home Cooked Sunday: Sunday Soup! I’ve lately been reading about all the wonders of plant based foods, and have been mulling in  my mind the fact that I’d like to get back into growing a big patch of veggies, as I did several years ago, before the J.O.B began to occupy the better part of my time!

Well then while reading that article, I got thinking of how Mom used to make soups from the leftovers of big Christmas dinners, be it a turkey roast or a roast of beef. I’m thinking back BEFORE the days when you could buy anything without bones through the middle of it. 

But unlike many of us today being so preoccupied with one or more Jobs Outside of the Home, my Mom would almost always buy the old standard cuts, WITH plenty of bone through them. Then when we were back to school following the holiday season, she’d get down to work taking the remaining stock, and boiling it down into a delectable soup.

So after school, and after walking those half-mile-long country lane-ways in sub-zero weather conditions, we’d be told to hang up our jackets, kick off our cold boots, and sit down to a large bowl of delectable hot broth! 

Well, let’s have a look at the real medicinal value of “Bone Broth” by no other than Dr Joseph Mercola  at :

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment. Your views are always appreciated!