To Buy Bottled Water, or Not?

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I’m not a fan of bottled water.  Now I’ve said it!  Water is important in a healthy eating plan. Quoting an article from February 2010 about schools and colleges, and their water distribution throughout Ontario  “The bottled water industry is less regulated than municipal water systems, consumes more energy and releases more harmful toxins into the environment than tap water.” said Elly Adeland, water and energy campaigner of the Polaris Institute and organizer of Bottled Water Free Day. “Yet the question remains, which Ontario campus will be the first to kick the bottle and back the tap?”

And another aspect is that while not all, most bottled water is in fact simply city tap water, poured into bottles made of toxic materials, which under certain conditions, are capable of shedding cancer causing effects.  And so you’ve got the health and environmental perspectives.

So for the cost of (say!) one month’s worth of bottled water, have a look at this suggestion …

A system for your home tap water, which according to their manufacturer’s claims:

  • Removes entamoeba cryptosporidium and giardia from the water
  • Reduces simazine, atrazine, benzene, trihalomethanes (TTHM), lindane, xylenes and more
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Filters up to 600 gallons
  • and is NSF Certified

Watts  500313 2-Stage Under-counter Lead, Cyst & VOC Reducing Drinking Water System (US) or Watts Premier WP-2 LCV 2-Stage Under-counter Lead, Cyst & VOC Reducing Drinking Water System (Canada)

<– US on Left, Canada on the right –> 

Just some suggestions, for approximately $85 in US or Canada! Comments are welcome!