Canola Oil … a GMO?

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canolaThe picture you’re seeing on the left is commonly referred to today as “Canola.” This is a GMO version of the original plant called Rapeseed. This is the same plant from which Mustard Gas comes from, used in Europe during World War I, World War II, and many other conflicts, including the recent use on civilians in Syria (2014).

In my days as a dairy farmer, Rapeseed was one of the less used sources of protein supplements, always with caution knowing there were low limits of usage, due to the toxicity of Erucic Acid.

Finally in 1979 in Canada’s province of Manitoba, researchers developed a low Erucic Acid variety of Rapeseed, which they then called Canola! What you don’t know however is that while the Erucic Acid has content been “reduced” it still exists in such quantities, that it should be used with caution, or preferably not at all. It would be far better in a can of paint, than in our digestive track!

In the following article So, You Think Canola Oil is Healthy? Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M, explains its roll in industrial usage, how it’s being used in food and drugs, paints, and where it plays a roll in illness, including cellular disease. Very scary stuff, and a very worth while read!

So, You Think Canola Oil is Healthy?

You can be sure I’ll never knowingly eat anything with this poison.