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Joint Pain Control

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If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, this may be your answer.  Perhaps you have slipped and fallen on one of our winter nights, or while shoveling snow, or even running a vacuum cleaner or washing a floor.  Most of these and many other duties are grave sources of back pain. If you suffer injuries which are work – related, that’s another matter altogether. I sold both accident & sickness disability insurance for years, and understand these matters thoroughly.  On a work – related injury, always let them know something happened,…read more


The Secrets of Vitamins A, C, E, and Selenium

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What is an Anti-Oxidant? In simple terms, an example of oxidation would be Rust, or Iron Oxide Fe2O3. Imagine that nice new piece of silver colored steel lying outside your garage. Then nightfall comes along and it rains all night. In the morning the sun’s out and dries things up, but you see brown streaks on your nice new piece of metal 🙁 So what happened? Basically the water was the catalyst, and small molecules of Iron Oxide (Acne!) show up. Well the same thing happens with all aspects of…read more


Why we need Vitamin B12 – My experience

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I began truck driving in 2007 and started driving full time (as my living) in 2009. I’m the kind of person who never simply busts the barrier and goes full force into something new! But when I tackled Ontario’s Highway #401 for the first time with my 53 foot trailer, it was a totally new ball game for me. In March of 2010, I was making a four hour trip each way from Ottawa to Bowmanville, which is about an hour east of Toronto. The worst problem I had wasn’t the traffic, but…read more


Eat Vegan On $4 A Day

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At 9 AM EDST (1300 UTC) I turned on my short wave receiver to a station I listen to when ever I’m looking for some good interviews about health.  This broadcast is entitled The Power Hour, broadcast sequentially on 7,490 Khz & 13,845 Khz, where the announcer for The Power Hour Joyce Riley interviewed the author of “Eat Vegan On $4 A Day.” Now I need to be up front here, I haven’t been much of a fan for Veganism … you know, I’ve heard all kinds of them out there, singing “It’ll all…read more