No More Constipation with a Healthy Diet!

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Constipation is basically a difficulty in passing stool or the infrequency of stool, but is medically defined as fewer than three stools per week. It can be also characterized by hard stool, or a feeling of “incomplete” emptying.

For some, it is considered a mere nuisance, and something that could just be disregarded such as in cases where small measures of treatment bring immediate relief. But in some scenarios, doctors check whether constipation is accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and even rectal bleeding, as this could be signs of a worse condition.

But constipation can easily be prevented. Most instances of constipation could directly be related to the diet of the person, normally those lacking fiber. In a world run by fast food joints and junk food, eating a healthy and balanced diet can be difficult, and can lead to constipation and other digestive ailments.
Here are some food items that may cause constipation which should be avoided during bouts of constipation:

1. Dairy Products – ice cream, cheese, cream, and other milk-based products and derivatives are high in fat and low in fiber which can be a recipe for constipation. Dairy products can serve as binding-agents which worsen constipation.

2. Bananas – Bananas, especially unripe ones, are constipating. But surprisingly, ripe bananas are perfect for relieving constipation.

3. Fried Food – fat and grease can cause constipation because consuming them slows down the digestive process, causing food buildup.

Here are a number of reminders and food items that could help prevent constipation:

1. More fruits and vegetables – try to be more conscious about your diet and make it a point to have a number of portions of fruits and vegetables. Not only do they pack more fiber, but they also contain many vitamins and minerals.

2. Find healthy alternatives – Try to limit junk food. Instead of picking up a bag of potato chips, why not try those apple chips instead? There are many interesting and tasty alternatives you can choose from. Healthy does not always have to be boring.

3. Fiber Supplements – Gradually break yourself in to the fiber. While at first it may be hard, you can always try and go for a fiber supplement for your daily dose of fiber. Just be sure to consult with your doctor or dietician first.

4. Hydration – another main culprit for constipation is the lack of water and fluids. Fluids help move along the digestion of food and lube the digestive tract. And while you may be going through a number of bottles of soda per day, try switching to water instead, as the sugar from the soda does more to slow down digestion, and cause constipation.

5. Grains – Pick up the habit of consuming healthy grains such as wheat, barley, and oats for breakfast or as a light snack. Swap your bacon and eggs for some warm oatmeal with fruits on the side and you may see an improvement in your digestion and bowel movements shortly.

With a proper diet, and regular exercise, constipation can easily be prevented.