Control of Migraines, Naturally

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A few nights ago, I was talking on the phone, when suddenly it seemed as though we were finished. Well not quite, but there was suddenly a long pause after which my friend said “my migraine is back.” And then I gathered what was to come next was a heavy acting drug, and hopefully many hours of slumber before bringing in another day.

Well it turns out Turmeric is consumed in multiple ways. Commonly used in cooking along with meats of all sorts, and even rice or potatoes. In my father’s last year, he was in and out hospital with numerous complications.

Among other complications, they told him he had a tumor on his liver. I responded to that with capsules containing Turmeric, Garlic and Milk Thistle. Two weeks later they had him back in under the gun of an ultrasound, when they told him the tumor size was down from 7 Centimeters to 1.5 CM. They were most surprised, but almost ready to suggest it was some kind of luck story!

But to get back on the Migraines, I feel it would be good if I leave you with a well written article entitled Turmeric for Health which covers migraine headaches beautifully! This article discusses the benefits, as well as some precautions, as in quantities, and some cautions to pregnant or breast feeding women.

The recommended daily dosage of Standardized Curcumin powder is 400-600 mg, 3 times daily, just to clarify things. But if you enjoy cooking, there are loads of good curried meals out there with similar results. 

And if you’re like me and don’t know where to go for information on cooking and recipes, look no further … 

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Or if you simply prefer the capsules, the following (Below) are U.S. and Canadian links. While I wish I could get the identical product, I do have here in both cases 500 mg 3X daily, and so these deals have both 40 day supplies. Cost $24.47 US plus shippiing. Or if you’re like me, you’ll save a bundle on buying a few months worth at a time.

For Canada, you’re looking at a cost of $29.95 (the Loonie eh?) and again I suggest buying a few months at a time so as to save on shipping.


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To your health!