All In A Day!

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All in a day! First off communicating with your boss (and perhaps the Government). Second having your picture taken (yes, every-day!). And finally singing “On The Road Again!”


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Enjoy work? Really it’s what you make of it. Trucking definitely isn’t for everybody. Well I remember in the beginning, once I got a “real” job, I sat behind the wheel, and remember thinking “Oh my God, what on earth did I get myself into?” And at that point I began thinking how much I appreciated all those who’ve trucked before me.  

Often during off times, it’s not too difficult to get into conversation with another trucker, who’d give you the shirt off his back, to be sure you’re OK, and understand the next step as a beginner.  

But no matter how much help out there, there are certain things you need to master for yourself. And one of those things is FEAR!  I had been a farmer for over 25 years. I drove tractors with literally a train of implements behind. I could squeeze through some pretty tight spots when needed. Repaired implements while on-the-go. And so on!

But when it came to trucking, sure I’m a handy guy and can figure most things out. But one thing I had a hard time with was the travel speed of a tractor – trailer rig, loaded, and trying to get the nerve up to drive up to speed like all the other ones.

Well while I was doing OK getting from point to point. Getting loads picked up and delivered, I still had nerves on end, for about two years. Now I think back and just laugh about it.

One of the things I’ve come to grips with is car drivers and various attitudes. Like someone recently who was driving along the highway in an “S” Series Mercedes Benz. An “S” series MB you can figure is worth well over $100,000. As I saw construction ahead, and a lane reduction, I signaled I was coming over. There was lots of room ahead of him. But I found out Mercedes have Very Bright Lights, and Very Good Horns :))))

It’s been my intention to explain to good, ordinary people some of the aspects of Truckers and Trucking. Maybe I’ll get on a radio talk show, and interact with non – truckers. The ones who make it worth while. Like those who shop and buy the goods I deliver. Because without you, I wouldn’t have a job. Amen!