Eat Vegan On $4 A Day

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At 9 AM EDST (1300 UTC) I turned on my short wave receiver to a station I listen to when ever I’m looking for some good interviews about health.  This broadcast is entitled The Power Hour, broadcast sequentially on 7,490 Khz & 13,845 Khz, where the announcer for The Power Hour Joyce Riley interviewed the author of “Eat Vegan On $4 A Day.”

Now I need to be up front here, I haven’t been much of a fan for Veganism … you know, I’ve heard all kinds of them out there, singing “It’ll all work out” without rhyme or reason.  But I heard in this interview Ellen Jaffe Jones speak in real terms, saying that a good vitamin B12 supplement is a necessity for all non meat eaters, more so for those of us getting up in age  🙂 

So let’s see … the payback period for this book at around $10, based on $4-a-day for meals, is 2½ days?  I’m ordering one of each!  



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