While Exercise is Important To Our Health, HOW ABOUT SAFETY?

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With the longer and colder than usual winter weather seemingly coming to an end soon, people are talking about plans on removing some extra pounds accumulated over the past few months, and various ideas on how to go about this.  But much of the conversation ends up discussing the terrible drivers, and how to avoid getting run over!  And of course being a truck driver, I can witness a lot of their concerns.

I tend to get a fair bit of flack about taking my share of the road, especially when making a right – hand – turn with my 75-foot-long rig, while attempting to avoid trees, hydro polls, and corner buildings!  But there are just enough car drivers for whom high speed, aggression and stupidity are big issues. These are the ones who could care less about pedestrians and cyclists.

    Stop Killing Cyclists

by   Huffington Post (U.K.) http://huff.to/1oftkh9

And while we get some extreme driver rage, and extreme cyclists’ organized demos as above, most of the problems from my stand point, is poor visibility.  While I see no excuses for stupid and careless drivers, serious cyclists and pedestrians need to get smart. and become more visible.  Then even the aggressive drivers are far more likely to see you before disaster strikes.  And to help you out a little: 60 MPH = 88 feet per second.  Do the math!