Fruits Trees, and Insect Control

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According to Canada’s CTV News, Apples top the 2014 list of most pesticide-contaminated produce .  One thing I can tell you is that if insects don’t like something, there must be something wrong with it! That includes GMO fruits containing the pesticides!  There are other things you can apply to fruit trees, some are effective, some not.  I used to see a neighbor climbing to the top of a step ladder with a small hand pump, spraying a bitter lemon type of cocktail.  He said it usually worked, but that some years were different.

Commercial growers always have far too many trees, and a very short time window to get the insects under control, which of course is a great reason for using large equipment and big chemicals.  But for people with a few fruit trees in their back yards, a natural treatment is more of a reality.  Even then, there is only a window of a few days in which it must be done.  So if your J.O.B. gets in your way, you’re better to get the job done! 

The following link is an article by the very popular magazine Mother Earth News, with a variety of methods of pest control.  You’ll find that even the most “natural” type control substances, have undesirable side effects.  You need to decide which is best for your purpose, and has the least environmental effects.

Organic Pest Controls for Fruit Trees



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