Glorious Maple Trees, and the Not So Glorious!

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I was driving around a few weeks ago, and saw a lot of beautiful hard wood maple trees, among those are the ones which every spring here in Eastern Canada, as well as Northern New England, yield us lots of glorious Maple Syrup.

But I will also show you some perfect photos of the perfect menace trees, which if you have them around your home, can do severe to your home foundation!


But first, these here are the righteous Maples, most of which are hard wood, used in high quality furnishings, including flooring. Most of them are medium to tall in height, about 35 to 45 feet tall. They are wonderful wind breakers, which in turn minimize wind erosion of soil which without, food would be a serious problem! Just saying 🙂 


So with Maples being SO Beautiful, and with some of those producing beautiful Maple Syrup, then whats this story about Manitoba Maple? Well it seems it’s everywhere. Oddly enough it grows in parts of Russia, where they call it American Maple (a compliment? Not!). In any case, this Manitoba Maple is nothing like its counterpart the Sugar Maple, as it’s a very “soft” wood and therefore grows at twice imag1338

the rate of its counterpart. This photo I took recently is a gorgeous tree  when


you look at the photo above. See how bright and beautiful it is, while at the same time it’s a beautiful sun shade! But when you look at the same tree just above, you may notice that the base of the tree the roots are forcing their way down under the wood plank fence. It’s also developed a powerful root system under the driveway, and is finding its way under the house foundation.


And here is just a small product of that same huge tree in the front … This is the back of the house where seedlings were strewn from the big tree at the front, now developing its huge network of baby trees with their rhizome root system, about to get their claws around the concrete, and tare the foundation to bits. 

I hate to tell you I said this, but remember that we’re not dealing with food here! These folk here if they wish to save their house, should hire a professional with a good chain saw and the proper equipment to fell it correctly, as there’s a road on the front side. So they need a contractor, permits, heavy equipment so as to clean up quickly and safely.

And now my admission! Once all the physical cleanup is done, ALL THE SEEDS WILL BEGIN NEW TREES ALL OVER AGAIN. Once the young trees begin, the only answer to stop this hideous cycle, is to get out the Roundup. Don’t forget that even after that, there will be seeds lurking around. Seeds under the right conditions will keep for a very long time. But still I would suggest they can handle the worst of it by carefully, with a hand sprayer, and all the appropriate clothing, for a year or two.

Then replace that (Russian? Manitoba? California Maple?) with something preferably fast growing, but without the “Rhizomes” lurking around again! I would suggest lilacs with a shallow root system, and no harm to be had!

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