Is Health Care Too Expensive?

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I was recently listening to a radio “Talk Show” where they were discussing wages of Registered Nurses (RN’s).  RNs throughout the the radio phone-in show discussions, were found to be considered as the “back-bone” of the hospitals. 

They’re in the center of all that goes on, and while being very involved in the management of “Getting Things Done” on the floor, they’re also very much the communications lifeline between patients and their necessities, be it prescriptions, pain killers, food, bathing … The list is endless!  But they are without a doubt THE Most Important Part of Hospital Operations.

In this region, RN’s starting salaries begin at $35 per hour, up to $42 over a few years, adding on holidays and sick leave.  Across the USA the average RN earns $66,000 as shown here at RN Salary in United States Pretty similar across Canada / U.S.

Back in the 1970’s, when companies began sponsoring “benefit plans” so hospitalization was much less of a financial burden.  But of course as all things seem to go, wages and benefit plans have contributed to a continuously spiraling inflation!  And so what cost $10,000 in 1971 for my brain surgery, a total of 7 weeks of hospitalization, medications, and (I’m admitting it!) lots of the nicest, most beautiful & caring nurses, now would likely cost 1/2 million dollars!  Now That’s Inflation! So what to do?

Avoid hospitalization!

I have kept myself up to date on healthy nutrition, exercise, and mental health since 1995, when I was first involved in an MLM business.  Since that time the Internet has become a great source on info.  While it is SO full of scientific (and not!) data, and can be very overwhelming, I find the best source is Social Media.  Get to know and trust people, and before making a buying decision, give yourself some breathing space for 24 hours, before handing out your credit card information.  You’ll never regret it!


21 Healthy Habits for 2014

Here is a site with a list of “21 Healthy Habits for 2014”. My favorite is line 10 “Meatless Monday” suggesting cutting down on meat.  I am at that point.  I STILL EAT MEAT.  But I like to suggest that I think back to when I was  very young, and Mom always had the three basics on the plate: Meat, a starch, and any one of a multitude of colored veggies. 

It seems that over the past 30 years or so, meat has begun to represent “AWAY MORE” than my days as a youngster.  This has resulted is some people going extreme and wiping meat off the table.  That is a choice, but I simply suggest cutting back.

21 Healthy Habits for 2014