Lets Talk Mental Health

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Today is Bell Canada’s “Let’s Talk Day” . At this point in time just past 5 PM (1700 hours) there have been well over 58 Million Tweets, Facebook connections among other means, about the topic of mental health, with a focus of removing the stigma of it, and perhaps simply bringing home the facts about people and their troubles caused by this “invisible” disability. While there are many acute cases, there are likely more out there who prefer not to share their problems with the rest of the world, for fear of the stigma often attached.

I’ll always remember my days throughout school, as I suffered from epilepsy. Not something I could hide either! Slower learning in class, and suffered from the bully boy tactics around the school and enroute home. Later in High School however, I was pulled out of class for several weeks. One month in hospital for several examinations, including Psychological exams (that was a terror!).

A few weeks later back in for brain surgery. Rather a scary process. Fortunately it did work quite well, with a few adjustments over the years. For more on this, see http://howieson.ca/epilepsy.html

But one of the greatest aspects of my life has been The Dale Carnegie Course (2001) which has taught me to assert myself with others. And while I never mentioned it to many, I actually had suicidal thoughts many times earlier in my life. But more than anything else, Dale Carnegie, as well as MLM activities, and lately lots of social media activity, have kept me on the straight and narrow. While early in life people were my worst nightmare, that couldn’t be further from the truth today! 🙂

Lets Talk!

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