What Makes You Suffer From Back Pain?

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You do not just get back pains all of a sudden and is not solely due to old age. It is vital that you realize that back pain is usually a symptom of a medical condition and some of the factors that contribute to back pain are:


Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: This is when you feel pain on your back whenever you try to move. This is a condition that most people with age suffer due to the gradual breakdown of the discs that are located between the vertebrae of the spine. As they deteriorate, the disc loses their ability to absorb shocks or impacts which is what protects people from getting serious injuries. Another medical condition that is associated with this is the deterioration of the facet joints which are the large joints that serves as the connector between other joints. Another similar condition would be herniated discs which cause muscle spasms, muscle tension and broken discs, all of which needs medical attention.


Injuries: This is also another common factor why some people experience back pains and the culprit usually are sprains and fractures. These kinds of injuries increase the chances of chronic back pain. Some other factors that contribute to back pains that are considered injuries are sprains which are basically tears in the ligaments that support the spine which can be due to improper twisting or lifting. On the other hand, fractured vertebrae are often caused by osteoporosis which is a health condition wherein the bones are weak due to lack of calcium. Another common injury would be those that are the results of unexpected accidents.


Diseases: In addition to injuries and or disc degeneration, diseases, regardless if they are genetic or acquired can be factors that contribute to a person experiencing back pain. One such example would be scoliosis which is a condition wherein the spine’s curvature is unnatural though it does not really cause a person pain in his or her earlier years until he or she reaches his or her thirties or older. There are also different kinds of arthritis which is basically the narrowing of the spinal column which adds unpleasant pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. There is also pregnancy, kidney stones, endometriosis which is an accumulation of urine tissue in areas that are outside the uterus and fibromyalgia which causes a person to experience fatigue and muscle pain throughout his or her body.


Other Infections: These factors are probably the rarest reasons why a person would experience back pains. There is what we call the osteomyelitis which is an infection involving the vertebrae and the discitis which is an infection that affects the discs that cushions the vertebrae. Tumors appearing on the back can also be due to cancer which has spread on another part of the body.


There are a lot of factors that cause a person to experience back pains however, always keep in mind that if these pains are constant and are growing painful then it would be best to consult a physician. On the other hand, the natural solution for backpain is to live a healthy lifestyle and this includes proper diet, regular exercise and going out to get ample sun light in the morning which is good for the body.