Is Massage Good or Bad for Back Pain?

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When you experience pain, do you touch the affected area or leave it alone? What do you do to relieve back pain? Will you go for traditional ways or make use of technology to treat your back pain?


There are many ways to relieve back pain such as over the counter medicine, topical ointments, hot compress or massage. Massage can help in back problem since it is non-invasive and offers a lot of physical and psychological benefits. When you are getting a massage, you feel relaxed which increases the production of happy hormones. This can improve the cases of acute or chronic back pain.


Massage therapy helps increase blood flow and circulation, decreasing tension in the muscles and increasing endorphin levels. The careful touches also aid in recovery of muscle soreness. The muscle relaxation during massage can also help in improving flexibility and reducing muscle pain. It also promotes good sleep.


Some of the popular types of massage that worked with back pain patients are Swedish, Shiatsu and neuromuscular therapy. The last one is being recognized by American Academy of Pain Management as an effective treatment especially for the lower back muscle strain. It is also called trigger point myotherapy since it targets specific pain points.


At times when massage therapy is not available; you can invest in things which have a similar effect. Some alternatives are a hand-held massager, massage chair and massage pillows. But before beginning any massage therapy, it is important to be checked up by a physician.


Overall, a good massage is good for the back. Even you alone can ease the pain by slowly massaging the affected area. Slight rubbing can also provide relief, but what must be avoided is the “deep” massage. It has the tendency to aggravate the case, or cause new injuries. So in the end, only the patient can decide if massage therapy is for him or for her.