Purslane a Weed ? … It’s Actually a Real Health Food!

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PurslaneWhat you see in the picture, is something we all have! Whether you’re farming or a city dweller with a lawn and garden, you’ve likely seen this before. It grows in sun or shade.


It loves rock gardens, and also enjoys stone and concrete type walkways, as these are great places for night time condensation for a constant source of water, even in extreme hot summer weather.


And if you’re like most of us, you’ve gone or called in for some help somewhere, and been told it’s a weed, and “You Need To Get Rid Of It!” as though it was an alligator at your door step!

And nobody will tell you the fact that Purslane is actually extremely good for you?

Well first off, it’s very high in Omega-3 oil. That’s the “good” Omega, of which there are three kinds. I’ll give you my brief summary here. But I have a link to Wikipedia, which is about as good a write up you’ll find anywhere.

As I recall, as adults we each need approximately 3,000 milligrams daily, of which about 650 – 700 should be the heavy hitters EPA and DHA, primarily for the brain, and the usual source of these two Omega-3 fatty acids is from dark fish. The balance can be AHA, from sources such as bran from Flax, which is the balance of ground flax, after the oil (or lots of)  has been mechanically extracted.

This is just one example,  but now we’re into Purslane, an almost forgotten plant, except when you’re looking for weed control 🙂 Purslane contains a lot of AHA. And remarkably, it is also extraordinarily high (for plants) in EPA, one of the two vital brain Omega-3’s. EPA and DHA have also been shown to aid in prevention and treatment in various cancers (1,2).


1Here is the article I mentioned in this article Wikipedia.org – Portulaca_oleracea

2 Here is another great source in regards to Omega-3 and Cancer Omega-3 fatty acids ? do they increase or decrease prostate cancer risk?