Recommended Exercise to Ease Back Pain

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Back pain can be a major source of discomfort for anybody. It can severely hamper ones daily activities as it limits movement and range of motion. Some causes of back pain can be fatigue, improper posture, and wrong movement. Some may describe it as a stabbing pain; others liken it to more of a strain while in some cases it may also lead to immobility.

While there are many different ways to manage back pain depending on its severity such as warm compress, physical therapy, cortisone shots, or even surgery, many medical experts still preach prevention is better than cure.

Some of the most basic reminders include:

  1. Keep good posture – this helps lessen the strain and stress one puts on his / her back by spreading out tension across the body, instead of just in one part, normally the back.
  2. Proper Sleep – not only in terms of duration, but also in how you sleep, especially the position, and getting proper lumbar support.
  3. Exercise – while overworking can be a cause of back pain, inactivity can just as well have the same effect. Regular exercise helps loosen the muscles and strengthens the core.
  4. Consult a specialist – should one be experiencing chronic back pain, it is best to check with a chiropractor or a physical therapist to determine the exact cause of the pain, whether it be from the muscle, or the vertebrae.


Here are some of the recommended exercises for improving the condition of your back, to lessen the pain or prevent it. Take note that it is best to consult with a doctor first to check whether the following exercises could be done with regards to the relative severity of your current back condition:

  1. Stretching Exercises – the value of the “warm up” has always been emphasized as it helps prevent cramps and sudden muscle “shock” that could lead to injuries. By easing into different stretching positions, and holding in place for at least a number of counts, it helps move the muscles and allow them to relax afterwards.
  2. Knee-to-Chest – many who suffer back pain can relate to the feeling of waking up every morning to a stiff back. The knee-to-chest exercise can be done gently to help ease pain. While lying on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, slowly pull your knees to your chest with both hands and hold in position. Do the same with the other knee, and repeat.
  3. Fetal position – A similar exercise to the knee-to-chest, one can also do the same, except by bringing both knees to the chest at the same time as if in a fetal position.
  4. Other core exercises – such as leg raises, crunches, lunges, which target adjacent muscle groups such as the hamstring, abdomen, hips, and legs, help support the back and strengthen it. The basic idea of exercising all parts of the body works here, as just working on the back alone is insufficient.