“Satiety”: Why we Need Fat in our Diet …

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I’ve been reading lots of articles lately, trying to get the “right” take on nutrition, and how it may affect your health.  But as I’m sure you’re aware, the World Wide Web is a large database with rules on the left, rules on the right, and everything in between.From my own observation, LESS SUGAR, MORE FAT IS the answer to many of our problems. Whether or not the argument “for” cane sugar, and “against” HFCS, the following will keep us on the straight and narrow.  And I’d like to point out, these are the “OLD” recommendations before the USDA came up with their INSANE GUIDELINES 🙁  to lower fat intake.  Their reason behind this is simple, as you’ll see in the very next paragraph.  But Do Read On …! 

Rule of thumb: Fat has 2.25 times the caloric value per unit weight, than Sugar or Starch.  However Fat gives you a feeling of Satiety (Full Feeling).

Traditional recommendations were always “Eat 10% of your diet in the form of fat” (or get 22.5% of your energy from fat sources).

More recently, the U.S. have been trying to resolve their obesity epidemic by lowering the recommendation for energy intake to 10% of energy (4.45% of diet) in the form of fat.

As a result, the recent “Fat” epidemic has gotten worse instead of better.  Simply because we no longer get the “I’ve had enough” sort of feeling.  This whole problem is more accentuated by the fact that food processors and manufacturers, have been following these recommendations, and at the same time have been replacing REAL SUGAR with HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup).  We should rephrase this as Hyper-Fat Corn Syrup.

The following results have occurred:

  • People are eating more (no satiety feeling)
  • Manufacturers are now using HFCS in place of Fat & (real!) sugar
  • The use of HFCS Taxes the Liver, as the high levels of Fructose sugar needs to be converted by the liver into usable Glucose


So with these facts in mind, think  hard and long before buying or eating anything bragging about “Low Fat!!!” type labels.  Consider adding some saturated fats to your diet.

Great sources of Saturated fat …

  • Coconut Oil
  • Butter
  • Pasture Grazed (or ranch style!) meats.  This can include grazed hogs, who do well on immature grass, and roots such as turnips