Solar Cycles, Their Effects on Crops and … Most Everything!

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Sunspot IllustrationSolar cycles were a phenomenon I learned about in 1971 when I was first introduced to Short Wave, and later Amateur Radio.  I thought radio and TV signals were the only thing affected by sunspots, but apparently not!  As you can see in the graph here, solar cycles have a consistent 22 year cycle, usually with a small peak in the middle.  And here we were in 1979 (check the graph) with a whopping crop of oats, like something I had never seen before.Oats1 AlbumBS2

I The most significant thing in my mind was not so much the fact there is this very high correlation between Sunspot Cycles, and farm crop yields as well as their quality. But rather “HOW I ARRIVED AT IT!” My Dutch neighbor who “Combined” or harvested my Oats, said to me in these exact words: “I’ve never seen a crop of Oats like this, since the year 1957.”  You must understand that I am a “Ham Radio Operator” and that in a split second, my mind began churning, and the mathematical difference of 22 years became obvious to me.  When I did my research I discovered that 1957 was probably the highest Sun Spot Peak in recorded history.  Also keep in mind that at that time, it wasn’t just the click of a mouse on the Internet to get this information.  But rather a neighborhood library, and more specifically there in “the stacks” of magazines, where I found some Ham Radio “QST Magazines” published by the American Radio Relay League, that covers things like that extremely well. Henry This is a photograph of my neighbor Mr. Henry Bonnenberg, of Elgin Township, Huntingdon County, in South Western Quebec, Canada, “combining” the smashingly beautiful Oat Crop, using his Massey Ferguson Model #35 Combine.  This is tiny in comparison to what farmers use today, and has no cab or air filter, to keep you cool and free of dust and molds.  The progress of technology today is immeasurable, but at what price?