Vaccines and Their Effects On Our Health

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I’ve been searching for some time now, for reliable information on the effects of vaccines. There are hate letters about vaccines all over the web. People in the medical field are throwing cast iron spanners out into the crowd, calling us all careless murderers, and “common” people out in the crowd including me 🙂 touted as stupid, uneducated, dangerous … and on and on!

So I decided today to do some research (actually “Google Search”!) on the topics. My knowledge on this topic is not brilliant, but I actually did study Anatomy and Physiology almost 40 years ago, and do recall things such as T-Cells, B-Cells, and so on.

So I Googled seven different articles, all from the same Key Words. As I expected, most of them are published by drug manufacturers or (fill in the blank) associations, most of which are sponsored by drug manufacturers, or by kindly volunteer organizations who are also “hooked” based on all the Drug Manufacturer’s multi-million dollar campaigns, into walking, running, cycling, for a good cause.

However … I found an article by no one other than Dr. Joseph Mercola. This article is easy reading, and like many has several good headlines throughout. However in this article, you’ll find that rather than “just” reading the headlines, you will want to read the whole article!

You’ll find common keywords throughout such as HIV, AIDS, and phrases (my belief totally!) such as “True Immunity: Where Does it Come From? Nutrition!”

Read This great article by Dr Joseph Mercola, and PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!

Vaccines and Immune Suppression by Dr. Joseph Mercola