Vegetable Oil and Margarine

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What’s wrong with this? First of all, the term Vegetable oil is a heinous stupidity. Like, when I think of vegetables, I instantly think of cabbage, celery, cucumber, turnip, carrots … you see my point? Many vegetables actually have oil, and some of it very good for you.

But when you buy a jug of Vegetable oil in the store, it usually “may be” from corn, soy, flax or any number of other grains. Well then why do they call it vegetable oil? 

According to Wikipedia, Margarine was originally created from beef tallow and skimmed milk in 1869 in France by Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès, as a result of a challenge proposed by Emperor Louis Napoleon III, as a substitute for butter which would later be renamed “margarine”.

Well if beef tallow and skimmed milk doesn’t make you hold on to your stomach, so should the current manufacturing process using Vegetable oils that are hardened by “hydrogenation.”  I mean Dairy Milk has been thrashed by health experts and food manufacturers for years. And yet what do food manufacturers do? They turn around and take UNSATURATED FAT, and TURN IT SOLID. OMG!

Well for the Rest of the Story, have a look at Why You Should NEVER Eat Vegetable Oil or Margarine! by Wellness Mama 

Now how do you think about Margarine?